Afraid of the Dark…

So, the last couple of nights my son (who is all of 17 months old) has started fussing like crazy when we put him down for bed. He has no problems laying in his bed for naps, but at night it’s another story – one that is mostly screamed, as he does his best fire alarm impression. Kind of leads us to believe that something in his room is freaking him out – a shadow, a stuffed animal, or maybe even just the dark itself. Seems reasonable, right?

Then we think about it – well, he’s 17 months old. Could be (yet another) new tooth. Could be the fact that the last couple of weeks have thrown him out of his routine (1st family vacation!). Could be something else that he’s entirely incapable of communicating to us, because, well, he’s 17 months old.

Now we’re back at square one. We have a fussy kid, and zero idea why. Harrumph, I say.

I really don’t have a point to this post, mostly just clearing the mind before I fall asleep at the keyboard. But I’m of course open to suggestions, so feel free to sound off. Otherwise, I’m going to go to my bed and sleep…

…with a nightlight.


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