Over our recent family vacation to Hilton Head, I had an opportunity to shoot a new “Revenge of…” flick with my favorite partner-in-crime, Dash McCormick*. Just so happened he and his awesome family were on the island the same week, so we got his newphews (six and eight years old) to the beach and had them kick the crap out of our hapless monster (I’ll post a link to the video once I tweak it a bit – caught a fairly major blunder in the rough cut.) Had a blast shooting it, almost as much fun cutting it, and I like to think that Johnny, Joey, and Dash* had a pretty good time, too.

But it did get me all cranked up to make more movies – and thank God that the 48-Hour Film Project hits Cincinnati again the first week of August! We’re currently putting together our crack team (no, not a team on crack) to make some magic happen – hopefully we’ll have all our favorite and familiar faces back, just wouldn’t be the same without any of them (and frankly, the idea of possibly directing kind of scares the sh*t out of me – I’ve watched too good a man do it the last few years… that’s a big viewfinder to fill.)

One way or the other, and whatever role(s) I may be playing in the production, August 5 cannot get here soon enough. If anyone is interested in being part of the team, hit me up – we’re always looking for more folks to join the fun.

‘Til next time…

*names have been changed to protect the innocent


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