Television Shows…

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one that’s noticed the trend over the last, oh, decade or so. To have a hit show, it has to either be a cop drama, a medical drama, or a cop/medical drama. CSI. Law and Order. Bones. House. ER. CSI/Law and Order: Random City.  You get the point.

Or, there’s always the “reality” route… which is really just staged drama without a script. If you watch the credits on an episode of “The Real World” you’ll notice  that there is a credit given to mulitple people as “story editors.” ‘Nuff said.

And I won’t even get started on the slew of glorified karaoke contests (please, God, let “Idol” go away soon) that have spread like a particularly agressive virus.

Once upon a time, my good friend The Voodoo Midget wrote a spectacular article about “reality” TV, including some suggestions for new shows*. You can read the article right here (just scroll down a bit to find it.) I’d like to make life easy for the people that put so much time and effort into coming up with and pitching television shows to the networks by proposing one more show for the list.

It’s a drama, set in a hospital that operates in the basement of the courthouse, which is located on a street right between the police headquarters and the local FBI office. The surgeons operate on their patients while performing elaborate dance routines with professional ice skaters, and the police interrogate their suspects in poorly-sung renditions of classic rock and country songs. And the officers of the court, the judges and whatnot, are angst-ridden teenagers, who have to balance their stressful work life with the pressures of getting into college, underage drinking, premarital sex, and parents that just don’t understand.

It’s one-stop shopping, and sure-fire ratings hit. TV networks, you’re welcome.

‘Til next time…

*Quick note: the original article was written back in 2004, before Downey’s recovery and return to Hollywood’s good graces. Kudos to Mr. Downey for all he’s accomplished since then. We’d like to respectfully replace his name in the article with “Li-Lo”. Thank you.


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