48-Hour Film Project… (updated)

Well, another 48HFP is in the can, film submitted, 3 trailers cut and posted online [Trailer #1 | Trailer #2 | Trailer #3].

Pheel Good Films put together one hell of a flick – and was an amazing team to work with – I’m damned honored to have been part of it.

Now’s the hard part – the withdrawal. I just wanna keep making movies. All the time. I’ve pulled out a couple of scripts I’ve been sitting on for a while, and am now trying to cobble together the time to shoot something that may satiate me until the 2012 48HFP rolls around.

It won’t work, but it’ll take edge off – like weening myself off a drug. Could try and go cold turkey, but I don’t think my system could take the shock.

Anyone want to make a movie?!?

Here’s The Continued Adventures Of…, the flick we turned in. Enjoy.


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